Andrew, my boyfriend, is such a large and important part of my life and I have adjusted my life plans so that we could be with each other without the stress that comes with long distance relationships. As a result, I am living away from my family, which is harder than I thought it would be. In high school I couldn’t wait to be away from my mom and the craziness that comes with having such a large family. Now, my mom and my sisters are my best friends and not being able to see them whenever I want is difficult. That said, I’m trying to figure out how I can keep both relationships work since it is too easy to allow my stress over being away from family affect my life in Buffalo with Andrew.

The first thing I have been trying to do is to call my mom and my sisters every day whether it is for a few minutes or an hour. Touching base with them makes me feel connected and also it brightens up my mood to hear from them. Second, I try to let Andrew know that I care about him and our relationship every day, so that he knows I am happy being with him even if I’m missing home. What else I can do is to make things easier is still a mystery to me, but I’m hoping ill figure it out soon.


I enjoyed a lot of the architecture and the over all feeling around the city today.





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