Good morning everyone!

Last night I tried my first little week day act to show Andrew that I am thankful for him and that I’m happy in our relationship.

Andrew called me when he was on his way home and with that I began cooking some chicken for our salad dinner and preparing a little drink for the both of us. The special part was that I put our drinks in flutes and had them sitting out, so that as soon as he walked in the door, he would see a little surprise. I wasn’t sure if such a little act of changing what I put our drinks in would make a difference, but it did! Andrew’s face lit up, hugged me tight, and thanked me. In my eyes it didn’t seem like I did all that much, but to him it showed that I was thinking about him. This just proves that it may not be the act, but the thought behind the act that can make our loved ones feel appreciated.


Along with that, I just wanted to stick to throwback Thursday and share with you some photos over the past couple years. Hopefully it’ll help you get to know me and my loved ones a little better.










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