Hi everyone!

I’m glad you decided to visit this small section of the Internet to learn a little bit about me, Vanessa. I decided to start this blog because I began to realize that life is the most inconsistent, crazy, and unpredictable thing on this planet. Although I am trying to navigate all the major and minuscule parts of life I’ve realized that I will never completely understand what is supposed to happen next and having a place to share and record the parts of my life that I may have otherwise forgotten, seems like a beautiful way to appreciate my life.

Again, my actual name is Vanessa, but like many of you know, people love nicknames and Ness is what all my loved ones have chosen for me. I have recently graduated with master’s degree in school counseling, but I am not even close to working in a school and making it my lifelong profession. There is just too much out there in the world to settle on doing one thing forever, so instead I am “nessingitup” and focusing on my everyday life, including the experiences I encounter and the people who are by my side.

Speaking of those individuals, I am one of seven children, all of whom I consider to be my greatest friends. I have five young sisters, Victoria (my best friend), Alecia, Nicola, Natasha, and Natalia (yes, the three with names starting in “N” are triplets). I also have a sister Raiana who is seven months younger than myself and a brother Michael who is the oldest of our amazingly unique family. In the relationships section of the blog you’ll learn a lot more about my family and the relationships I keep, but I must let you know now about my relationship with Andrew since it will come up frequently. Andrew, my boyfriend of what seems like forever, but in actuality 5 years, is a relationship I adore and couldn’t imagine my life without.

Andrew and I met in high school and began dating our senior year. I know it may sound cheesy, but I knew within two weeks of spending time with him that I would love him forever. I believe there are people in our lives that we are just meant to know and for that reason I have done everything to make our relationship work. He moved to Buffalo our freshman year of college to attend the University at Buffalo, but after four months apart, I was moving my entire life to be by his side. Five years later, we are still in Buffalo and crazy about each other (although I’m sure he wouldn’t admit to being crazy in love), but at the same time are faced with having a relationship in the “real world.”

Well I suppose that is me in a very small nutshell, which I’m sure you will realize I don’t fit into if you continue coming back. I’m a pretty ordinary girl and like most 24 heard olds I am just trying to make sense of this life that I could have never planned for. That said I hope you join me in figuring life out.


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  1. Found you via your comment over at Kelly’s Korner. Your family sounds like so much fun. I’m one of four kids and I absolutely loved that growing up. Good luck with your new blog!

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