Yesterday I was thinking about how I can make both my relationship with my family work as well as my relationship with Andrew. As I looked at mine and Andrew’s relationship as an outsider, I realized something that I’m sure many of you in a relationship can relate to; Andrew and I love each other that I know, but making each other feel special on a regular weekday basis seems to be difficult for us. It isn’t because we do not want to or because we lack creativity, but entering this so called real world comes with routine, which most times doesn’t include going out for a special dinner on a random Tuesday. On that thought I decided that I am going to come up with some easy ways to let your boyfriend/girlfriend feel special on an ordinary day. I’ll try out my first idea tonight and let you know how it went tomorrow. Wish me luck!



Andrew, my boyfriend, is such a large and important part of my life and I have adjusted my life plans so that we could be with each other without the stress that comes with long distance relationships. As a result, I am living away from my family, which is harder than I thought it would be. In high school I couldn’t wait to be away from my mom and the craziness that comes with having such a large family. Now, my mom and my sisters are my best friends and not being able to see them whenever I want is difficult. That said, I’m trying to figure out how I can keep both relationships work since it is too easy to allow my stress over being away from family affect my life in Buffalo with Andrew.

The first thing I have been trying to do is to call my mom and my sisters every day whether it is for a few minutes or an hour. Touching base with them makes me feel connected and also it brightens up my mood to hear from them. Second, I try to let Andrew know that I care about him and our relationship every day, so that he knows I am happy being with him even if I’m missing home. What else I can do is to make things easier is still a mystery to me, but I’m hoping ill figure it out soon.


I enjoyed a lot of the architecture and the over all feeling around the city today.