The Relationships We Keep

The relationships we keep is an important topic for me because I have realized that it is the one thing in my life that I know I need to be happy. That said, figuring out how to keep the relationships I have in tact has become one of my top priorities. In this section I will provide articles, quotes, pictures, trends, and more that have helped me and may help you with your own relationships.



Whether you have been with your boyfriend for a month or for several years, having fun experiences together is so important to keeping a beautiful connection. Here are a few date ideas found from a wonderful blogger who can be found at

  1. Sign up for a mud run.
  2. Take dance lessons.
  3. Spa date.
  4. Hit the batting cages.
  5. Whiskey tastings.

For more great ideas visit this website  and get out with guy and have some fun.

Happiness in ourselves…

It seems like all the wonderful advice I have been given about relationships with my family or with Andrew have all started with, “you have to be happy with yourself and by yourself first,” so with that said I found ten tips on how to help yourself be happy. The tips range from “find the humor” to “make someone else happy” and they all are doable, so check out the article at


Communicate, Communicate, Communicate…

Whether if we are thinking about our relationship with family members or with our partner, effective communication is key to a healthy relationship. Unfortunately, many of us, including myself, can become overwhelmed when trying to express our point, which in turn leads to arguments. Learning what to say, how to say it, and when to say it may be helpful in creating more positive and productive conversations. In my search to find some helpful tips I came across two helpful websites, the first one being . In this website I learned the following:

1)Everyone sees the world differently. 

        This thought was intriguing to me because even though Andrew and I grew up in the same town at the same time, we both come from very different backgrounds. Keeping that in mind when we disagree can help me to try to see his point of view before becoming angry.

2)Ask questions 

I actually learned this early on when arguing with my mother. We both would assume that the other meant one thing when in actuality, we each were thinking something different. Asking each other to clarify what we meant opened new doors in our communication style. Take the time to ask your family member or partner what they mean when they something, I can almost promise there will be less misunderstandings and less arguments.

The second website is from Virginia State University. There were many great lessons in this article, but I think the most important was the discussion on communication styles.

According to this article there are four types of communication styles, direct, indirect, clear, and masked. Clear and direct communication means that you clearly state your point of view. For example, if I were to be upset with my sister Victoria for taking my clothes without asking I would say to her “Victoria I am upset with you because you took my clothes without asking.”

Learning these communication styles is important if you want to understand possible gaps in your communication with your loved ones. Find out more about these styles by visiting the website here.

Getting to Know You…

“There I was, one minute getting to know you, enjoying you, then wondering where it would all lead, then the next thinking about you all the time knowing I never ever wanted to be without you.”

Here are a few questions to ask a new boyfriend or one that you have been for a while:

  1. What was the last film that really moved/disturbed/thrilled you and why?
  2. Whats your favorite way to wake up and whats the first thing you do?
  3. What characteristics do you dislike in yourself?
  4. If you could go anywhere in the world on vacation, where would it be and who would it be with?
  5. What did you want to be when you were little and do you think you ever will be?
  6. When was the last time you cried laughing and why?
  7. What do you consider your biggest achievement to date?
  8. What’s the best compliment you’ve ever received?
  9. What’s your earliest childhood memory?
  10. What is your idea of a perfect evening?

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