Tried & Loved


On Christmas, Andrew and I received the most amazing gift…a waffle maker! We have been wanting a really good Belgium waffle maker since we first experienced them in the dorm cafeterias, but have been reluctant to splurge and get one, so this was a true treat! Along with the waffle maker, we also received several different flavors of waffle/pancake mix that came in the most adorable packaging (shown above). On Saturday, we decided to try the strawberry shortcake flavor and it was AMAZING! The mixes are from a company called Southern Culture Foods and the product is Shortstacks Pancake & Waffle Mix. Their mixes are made with organic flour and I promise you, you can taste the difference. The waffle was light, fluffy, and of course delicious! That’s what I’m loving right now, check them out at


I have never been one who loves ice cream, but lately I have had a real sweet tooth, so I searched for something that would taste good, while not being awful for my health. Healthy Choice Greek Frozen Yogurt popped out at me while I stood in the frozen section of my grocery store. The pack comes with three cups that are each only 100 calories and to my surprise, it tastes so good. If you like yogurt like I do, than you will appreciate the subtle taste of yogurt, but if you don’t, the yogurt flavor isn’t enough to divert you from enjoying this guilt free, yummy snack. That’s what I’m loving right now, check them out at


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